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The No Death Rule!

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  • The No Death Rule!

    After my guide to a night out in Braintree i feel it is only responsible to explain the No Death Rule was in force on friday night.

    What is The No Death Rule?
    Because drinking is all about having fun and a good time the No Death Rule is there to keep you safe whilst out on the pish! Whilst under the No Death Rule no one is allowed to die or become seriously injured!

    How was the No Death Rule Invented?
    The No Death Rule was invented in Newquay 2003 after a night involving a bottle of black tower, a metal caravan railing and some Northern lasses. After the long 10 hour drive down to Newquay I downed a bottle of black tower, apparantly tried to impress some Northern lasses and then promptly fell face first into a metal railing busting my nose and getting a swolen eye! the next day the No Death Rule was invented, safety first!
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    hell yea! HELL YEA!