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Beat Kerfew & the making of a modern legacy

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  • Beat Kerfew & the making of a modern legacy

    Okay BK crew,

    so I've was working on an old crash arcade track, called 'Halcyon', & the vibe of the track seemed very familiar, & i just figured out that it's because it's just totally Beat Kerfew, so I johnsoned it off...

    But, here's a new vision..

    How about, Beat Kerfew, one final reunion, no gigs, no jams, no website, no bullshit, not even a group recording session if we can't schedule it, just your individual input, once, creating a song, leaving the BK legacy with one last act of 'quality' before it is again consigned to history.

    WHY BK? Well should we all get together to write another song one day (which is what this is all about), we'd inevitably fall back in the same roles as we held in the old school BK recordings, so why not keep the name for old times sake?

    rich: vocals, guitar, synth/sampler
    john: guitar
    neil: guitar & synth
    jot: bass
    bluey: drums
    ed: recording & mixing (maybe some extra guitar or synth/sampler work)

    Cost to you? Getting to London & back just once!?! I'll cover everything else e.g. recording, mixing, mastering etc.

    Please don't worry, I'm not thinking of this as taking away anything at all from your current bands & projects, just something else on the side.

    SO WHY? Well why the hell not, it'd be laugh...

    WHY am i bothering? Well after 3 years out of the game going solo, I want to get back in to recording music with my friends & ex-band mates, creating something really special, all of us having an input, actually achieving something & of course taking advantage of all my new recording gear - I now have some proper high end stuff!

    I really think we could do it this time, I know the Xmas EP track Lights was a bit of a disappointment because not everyone took it seriously as i'd booked it on a bad day for everyone the weekend before xmas, with this project we can create it over time.

    Who is in?
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