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Goodbye, Chunky Ate a Bee

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  • Goodbye, Chunky Ate a Bee

    In less than a month, Jot will be moving to Australia.
    Hes not coming back.
    Were going to miss him.
    Its the end for Chunky Ate a Bee.

    We have one last gig before he leaves, the Leestock Festival on Saturday May 28th in Sudbury.

    Itd be great to see you there for our farewell show, we might even dig out our matching outfits one last time

    We have loved being in Chunky, thank you to everyone that has helped, supported, and been nice to us over the last 5 years. Even Jolen.

    Neil and Rich will still be recording with Frozen Robots, you can LIKE them here

    Love you, bye!
    Everything's going to be ok.