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mudhills/sluds/shops/meadows/telford park crew of braintree & rayne - artist history

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  • mudhills/sluds/shops/meadows/telford park crew of braintree & rayne - artist history

    this thing of ours...

    jellicoe | 1996-2001 [jay mcallister, jot fuller, dave healy]
    waster | 1996-1999 [rich fuller, ray wright, stu calder]
    the janet theory | 1996-1999 [chris saunders, john harvey, chris frisbee, dan biggins, mike carrington, dan allum]
    glue | 1996-2002 [blake lincoln, neil robinson, chris murphy, chris saunders]
    union kid | 1997-2001 [sean tuohy, simon dobson, mark keates]
    angel cake | 1997-1999 [sharon alexander, jacqui buck, ed dann, steph barrett, rich fuller, chris saunders, dave sweeting]
    automation | 1999-2000 [chris saunders, john harvey, dan allum, stu stockley]
    beat kerfew | 1999-2002 [rich fuller, neil robinson, john harvey, jot fuller, chris murphy, stu calder]
    crash arcade | 2001+ [ed dann, john harvey, jot fuller, stu calder]
    lloyd | 2001+ [chris saunders]
    no claims bonus | 2001-2002 [jay mcallister, dave healy]
    seymore happy | 2002+ [neil robinson]
    arcade | 2002-2009 [blake lincoln, andy parker, chris murphy, john hewson, chris saunders, dan allum]
    the x-rays | 2003-2005 [rich fuller, neil robinson, ed dann, jot fuller]
    three, two, one, go! | 2004-2010 [john harvey]
    my medication | 2004-2005 [sharon alexander, john hewson, dan allum, dave sweeting]
    capitol hill | 2004-2006 [sean tuohy, katie fleet, stu calder]
    the concorde agreement | 2005-2006 [sharon alexander, john harvey, chris saunders, jack anderson, stu calder]
    beans on toast | 2005+ [jay mcallister]
    chunky ate a bee | 2005-2013 [rich fuller, neil robinson, jot fuller, sam jezard]
    frozen robots | 2006+ [rich fuller, neil robinson]
    by air mail | 2007-2008 [jack anderson, katie fleet, stu calder]
    lower ninth ward | 2009-2011 [jack anderson, blake lincoln, dan allum, stu calder]
    the 5 string drop out band | 2011-2013 [john hewson, blake lincoln, chris murphy, chris saunders, andy parker]


    There is no escape we pay for the violence of our ancestors.