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  • mod permissions removed

    Okay crew, I am sorry about this, but we have decided to remove all individual's moderator access!!


    Well basically, certain crew members can't be trusted to not delete threads they don't like, or edit other users posts.

    This forum was meant to have no rules, but you've been removing threads that are now gone forever & changing content in other users posts to take the piss & it has now gone too far I'm afraid!

    We know that the majority of the threads on here are piss take threads anyway, that's what we do, but some of the deleted threads had content that other members have put a lot of time & effort in to writing, text that wasn't saved, images that are now lost etc.

    Now I don't want this forum to become a dictatorship, definitely not, & I still very much want everyone to retain a sense of ownership, but I can't allow everyone the access to delete (or edit) anything they please anymore, or other members will just stop posting.

    In any case the volume of new users & new threads hardly merits 2 moderators, let alone 8.

    I hope you understand.


    There is no escape we pay for the violence of our ancestors.