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  • friday / recording etc...

    alright ed, did you go to jay's album launch?? how was it??

    yea, (as per my text), it is just me coming on friday, hayley has a friends birthday and also because im staying she wouldn't like having to walk through chelmsford late at night on her own as would have to get back friday night for work the next day.

    where about is it you live now?? is it easy to get to?? i'll probably come more or less from work if thats cool?? bluey and allison still coming??

    i've done another rough recording of the intro song to get the structure / tempo right, done it on both electric and acoustic so can listen to them both to decide which sounds best, a blend of both may even work, and had a few ideas for it. gave santa vs. skelator a quick listen, have't really had much time to work stuff out for it as been busy with dinosaur act and was busy at the weekend as well, but i figured i'd just keep my guitar line simple in it anyway, (want to leave room for my glock part won't i!

    see you friday.

    hell yea! HELL YEA!