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    We like everything.

    We record songs in Neil's living room.
    It's really fun.

    We'd like to play live one day.

    What happens is we go to Neil's house and Neil puts a microphone in front of me and says "Play something". So I play some chords for a little while. Then we usually decide to add some more stuff like keyboards or animal noises. Finally we try and think of something to sing about.
    It usually turns out better than we'd expected.

    Neil from Colchester played guitar and synth, made the drums and did the recording. Rich from Braintree played a different guitar that's now broken, and a Yamaha keyboard, and did the singing too.

    We've only ever played our songs once, now we've forgotten how.

    Frozen Robots feature on the following schizoacoustic releases...

    29/09/2007 | schz008cd | schizoacoustic | serene #4 | download

    01/04/2007 | schz005cd | schizoacoustic | serene #3 | download

    23/12/2006 | schz004cd | schizoacoustic | serene #2 | download

    Everything's going to be ok.