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  • Glue

    Glue formed in the year 1997 in the barn behind the kings head in bradford street braintree! Messers Chris Murphy and Neil Robinson would go to the barn with guitar and bass and jam out riffs under the name Cowerdice, wasent till the boys met Chris Saunders (me!), who recommended to them one mr Blake Lincoln as a guitarist! for some unknown reason i was asked to be the drummer, not having a drum kit or having never drummed with anyone in my life didnt seem to matter, we needed to rock it up hardcore style!!
    i knew a girl called Carmel at the time, who knew a dude who owned a drum kit, we shimmied over to his house and he said we could have his drums for 7.50 a week so he could get some weed (i mean, what the fuck?) Murphy was the only one with any money on him and he gave it all to him, the princly sum of 2, we never paid him or saw him or heard from him again! result!! i do occasionally wonder who the fuck that guy is?? unfortunatly the drums were propa shit, but it was better than nowt (the drums beacame forever known as The Faff, we also had the Faff mk2 and The Power Tiolet/Faff mrk3)! we slammed all our shit into Murphys barn behind the pub and started making NOISE!! Carmel was a singer for a short time, till she stopped coming to practice! Blake reluctantly decided to be the singer, after we forced him!! HAHAHA! Definatly a wise decision! the main purpose of Glue was to meet up every sunday at the barn, smoke a truly ridiculous amout of dope and make some noise, the first stuff we made was all rough mental punk, the faster the better! and we jammed for a year before our first gig in September 1998 at the Y club! it was a beautiful shambles with moments of magic amounst the shit but we had fun and thats what it was all about! we plowed on like this for a couple more years till Murphy moved out of the pub and we lost the barn (tragic stuff) and we piled into a tiny loft over Neils garage were the ceiling was so low we all had to sit (well i had to anyway but so did the others) and the sound gradually shifted to weird space grunge, wrighting in there all the songs on this page! we were always a bunch of lazy mother fuckers and gigs were rare but wonderful events! in 2001 we piled to Ed Danns house in cambridge to record our first proper record, "Cowboy Sam looks For Water", which to me is a classic the world has been deprived of (haha) full of wicked cool songs!
    unfortunatly as i have stated we were a bunch of lazy fucks and never really did anything with the record (stooopid) but we giged and had fun for another year or so till we played our last gig at the Army and Navy in chelmsford in feb 2002 (under the name Ritas Psychic Workshop, possibly the worst band name of all time!!) and Neil deicided to leave for pastures new a few months later! after that we changed our name to Arcade got in the guitar wizard know as the Bad Man and a whole different adventure began! Plus Neilsy is now a member of Chunky Ate A Bee.
    i really loved my time in glue, Listening to these songs again has made me miss it all and how much fun i had in that time, it was an amazing 5 or so years of hanging with my friend and having a laugh, and smoking copious amounts of weed (and lets not forget the grotty solid too) over the years making this mental music which in my humble opinion should have been heard on mass but oh well, such is life! which is why i have made this page, for those people back then who might remember us and maybe in hindsight someone out there that might realise how decent we actually were! who knows, who cares! i love these songs and maybe you will too! these tunes take me back to a cool time in my life and i hope you dig em! SIDNAAAYYY!!

    tunes you can download include the record "Cowboy Sam Looks For Water" recorded by mr Ed Dann in 2001 in cambridge, over 3 days of debauched drug booze madness!
    Christopher, The Saunders


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    Re: Glue

    man what you said about glue is fucking spot on. listening back on this stuff makes me feel and remember so much stuff. it was the time of our fucking lifes. if only we could have realised it and made something of it but then im just happy it even happend at all. happy days
    piss flaps



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      Re: Glue

      you can run away
      from the things you say
      but they always seem
      to come back again
      times not on your side
      so you better hide
      from the things you done
      now there gona call
      this is not my fault
      no im not to blame
      yeah you gota decide
      just whats on your mind?
      its not everyday
      people say
      you are the one
      you are everything
      piss flaps