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  • schizoacoustic

    schizoacoustic recordings is an independent mini-label dedicated to the development of niche artists (ambient, alternative, lo-fi & post-rock etc.) focusing on promotional cds & digital distribution...

    We work with niche artists that we believe, with the right development, are talented enough to write & record some unbelievable music. of course most of these artists would rather hold out for a lucky break than sign to a small independent, which is why we sign artists on a one track exclusive deal to feature on our serene series compilations or an exclusive ep (two to four tracks so it can still classed as a single) deal. this allows the artist the freedom to sign with another label without being tied down to a long deal but both the artist & schizoacoustic will still benefit from the continued exposure & promotion over time.

    After recording the artists, with our unique marketing techniques & distribution methods we market & sell our artists material to both a wider & more direct market than they would be capable of alone. utilising our links with UK & US independent distro's we can sell our artists material digitally on apple’s itunes music store plus pressing runs of limited edition cd & vinyl which we can distribute from our site & via our distro partners. we can also promote, sell & distribute our artists merchandise for them should they require us to.

    Our artists benefit from schizoacoustic's original business model by sharing exposure directly from the success of our other artists, sharing our links with other independent labels & promoters, receiving wider & more direct exposure to their niche market, gaining the ability to sell their music to prospective fans as soon as it is discovered & creating a larger buzz & therefore a greater chance of being discovered by a larger independent or major label.

    schizoacoustic is a label which grows through reputation, renowned for our values, class & the individuality of our artists.

    20/06/2011 | schz017cd | lower ninth ward | angle of attack EP

    24/12/2010 | schz015cd | crash arcade & three, two, one, go! | team colors EP

    06/06/2010 | schz014cd | the x-rays | robots, dinosaurs, skeletons & the NFL (legacy series)

    05/02/2010 | schz013cd | beat kerfew | limited edition (legacy series)

    28/08/2009 | schz012cd | glue | untitled (legacy series)

    11/04/2009 | schz011cd | crash arcade | volume zero (legacy series)

    10/10/2008 | schz010cd | crash arcade & three, two, one, go! | crowes EP

    28/06/2008 | schz009cd | schizoacoustic | legacy sessions

    29/09/2007 | schz008cd | schizoacoustic | serene #4

    25/08/2007 | schz007cd | crash arcade & three, two, one, go! | riot park EP

    10/08/2007 | schz006cd | aravis | two iron children

    01/04/2007 | schz005cd | schizoacoustic | serene #3

    23/12/2006 | schz004cd | schizoacoustic | serene #2

    01/09/2006 | schz003cd | aravis | ep1

    01/08/2006 | schz002cd | the concorde agreement | tca ep

    01/07/2006 | schz001cd | schizoacoustic | serene #1

    24/12/2005 | schz000cd | beat kerfew | lights