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    The Neil Neilson Corporation was founded in 1979 by Mr Neil Neilson. Mr Neilson had been refused a license to design and mass produce parmachuticals for the health industry in Great Briton so he started his company in the city of Porta Cico, Columbia. The Neil Neilson Corporation became the market leaders for producing high density pain killers for military hospitals. By 1981 The Neil Neilson Corporation had made a huge impression on the industry and the industry giants were starting to take note. On the 13th of July 1982 The Neil Neilson Corporation hit the big time when they secured a multi-million pound contract to produce over 70% of all the military used drugs in the united states. After a successful 3 year period producing many varieties military used drugs the license was taken away after a investigation into misuse of our medical production centre. At this point we would like to state for the record that no charges were ever brought against us and that The Neil Neilson Corporation was 100% innocent of all allegations. 1983 saw a massive change in the whole direction of the corporation. Mr Neilson decided to leave the controversy of his medical venture behind him a move into the arms business. However The Neil Neilson Corporation still keeps their medical research centre up and running for private research. The Neil Neilson Corporation soon made their mark in the arms business making good use of all the contacts they made whilst researching in the military sector. The Neil Neilson Corporation had in only 7 months become the largest producer of arms outside the united states. They had become market leaders in antitank and aircraft missiles. The arms were used world wide and The Neil Neilson Corporation was known and respected across the globe by many military organizations. The Neil Neilson Corporation remained the no.1 arms developers throughout the 80's despite all the controversy surrounding the company. Mr Neilson was made a political target by certain government organizations who did not approve of the work the corporation was under taking. This lead to a string of false criminal charges such as drug trafficking, tax evasion and even murder. However, every time one of these charges came to the courts of justice, justice was done and the not guilty verdict was put forward. 1990 saw The Neil Neilson Corporation return to medical sector along with continuing the missile development. They are now the biggest ever Colombian base company and one the biggest in the world. Mr Neilson has also tried his hand at politics thourgh-out the early 90's playing a major helping hand to the Colombian government. Then in 1996 Mr Neilson was appointed in the Colombian board of defensive. Mr Neilson held this post under 1999 when he stood down but is still heavily linked to the defense department within the government. The new millennium brings a new challenge to The Neil Neilson Corporation, as they are at present fighting an Injunction which stops them trading in the united States. The corporation are confident that this will soon be lifted and a new chapter in The Neil Neilson Corporation will begin.

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