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    Bill Erico - Vice President

    Born in Italy 1951, Bill is the longest serving member of The Neil Neilson Corporation being with Mr Neilson from the start. He is second in command and controlls all New York Operations. He is also leading the hunt for 80`s cop gone bad, John Johnson.

    Danny Catillici - Operations Director

    Born in New York 1960, Danny is the operations director overseeing all new projects for Mr Neilson. He played a major role in the Auto yard chain Mr Neilson set up in the 80`s. He now will start to develop the drugs manufacture in the U.S since the ban was lifted.

    Danny the Blonde

    Made a Captain in 1981 after outstanding services in Washington. Went in hiding for 5 years after the Neilson Gate Scandle but now is back in operation.

    Richard Schroder

    Made a Captain in 1986. He currently is in charge of dealing with trouble makers in US. He has over 200 men under his command

    Timmy Glasses

    Real name is unknow. He was made a captain in 1998. Never takes off his glasses, not even to see if your dead.

    The Guvnor of Cambridge

    Newest recuit to the corporation big boys. TGOC will be in charge of operations in the U.K over the next 5 years.

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    I may be bad...but I feel gooood