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  • chump

    i made a list of things to do

    the list was so long

    back in the studio and it looks like war

    stuff everywhere

    i have never seen such a mess

    i keep playing a new song on repeat

    it is the second b-side off the test

    i need to name it pretty soon

    got to get the artwork happening early this week

    i think it sounds ok

    i always think that

    no more no less

    i need to get away from here

    i always thought i'd end up back in LA

    but that's not for now

    i have an idea

    i will explain soon

    daydream nation...

    crooked rain/crooked rain...

    teenage riot...

    gold soundz...

    i want to get to be somewhere in between

    that is where i want to live

    you got to love things

    all the good people love stuff

    everyone else likes things

    the difference is huge

    test yourself more often

    get to know what makes you happy

    i think i have alot

    i got low because i knew there was nothing else i needed

    i had shopped myself dry

    i felt empty

    all the best people are shy

    this is a fact

    never back down

    don't beat yourself up

    we got plenty of jerks that will do that for free

    be proud

    you got nothing to be sorry for

    you are going to be fine...
    Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...