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  • dayafter

    today is a write off
    the last few days spent working through the night on this web site
    3% seattle came out yesterday
    that was our fourth single
    a year ago we put out our first single fort disney
    3% was our fourth
    it has been a long year
    we made alot of mistakes
    but i never wasted a day
    i still don't understand why i do this sometimes
    but some people like us
    so everything is not so bad
    we are at the BBC on thursday
    i have to learn to cover someone's song
    top of the list now are...
    1/ god only knows - beach boys
    2/ my sharona - the knack
    3/ uptown girl - billy joel
    4/ hello - lionel richie
    5/ theme from rocky
    feels very strange to make this choice
    we were going to do a peel session
    now it's a lamacq session
    i think things got a little chewed up along the way
    i know i did
    had a talk with stuart about a band we're signing
    gonna watch summer of sam in a little while
    hook up with the band later
    not do that much thinking
    if i can get to through today with no fighting
    then i will be happy
    i may not always love you...
    Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...