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  • dino

    this week has been insane

    this has got to stop

    no sleep for days

    time just slips away

    there are things i did

    i am suprised by nothing

    i can't remember the early part of this week

    not a single thing

    yesterday i did an XFM session

    3 songs/12 string/me

    i was so wiped out i'm amazed it happened

    the people there were really nice

    and it didn't take to long

    walking around afterwards with stuart

    checking out clothes and stuff

    driving through the west end it hit me

    i have 24 hours to write/record/mix/master 2 songs

    spent the night back in braintree

    throwing down words like a machine

    sometimes i got nothing

    i can't even think about music

    i have nothing to say

    i just wanna sit still and watch people

    i wanted to sleep so much

    by 4am things were starting to roll

    i knew what i was doing

    10:30am and i'm driving back in to london

    south of the river to play the tracks to tony

    i find out the LP has been shipped out to shops with no covers

    this is not good

    I took alot of time on the covers

    tony makes some calls and everything is going to be fine

    1:30pm across town to abbey road

    i love abbey road

    sean at abbey road is king

    i am so hungry and i can't see to good

    we start cutting then i get food

    8pm on my way to drop of my sisters car

    hear the test on XFM

    sounds ok

    wonder why i just got it re-mastered

    2am chilling out back in the hood

    feel pretty down

    guess i need to rest

    i wanna make some music

    this is a circle

    i just passed go

    i jump alot of traffic lights

    i saw a ferrari today

    black 512 bb

    somethings just stick in your mind

    i think it could be fun

    i cannot say no

    i had a nice suprise

    i hate suprises

    but this was a good thing

    someone understood

    someone made me think

    i owe a favour to a friend

    i used to write so well

    i used to explain things so clearly

    is there anybody there

    i doubt it

    please call...
    Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...