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  • ihatemetal


    circus town

    rain falls hard and it doesn't begin to wash this shit away

    there are so many people here

    more than we have ever seen at a show

    there is a problem though

    they hate us

    we get back to the venue at 9pm

    we hear the most soul destroying metal ever

    we think hey odd track for an indie night

    we then sit through 2 hours of the same evil noise

    we hit stage we blast through 6 tacks

    we wait for a response

    we are still waiting

    we were good and i don't care about anyone right now

    we are asked back by the promoter

    she thinks we went down well

    i think she feels for us

    making our way through the crowd on the way out

    i make a promise to myself

    i will not do this again

    of course i will

    but at the time i stand by the thought

    we get home at 4am

    i sit up firing a bb gun around the studio car park

    i watch to many films

    i clear out the video shop most days

    comfort blanket i guess

    i imagine faces on the walls

    i shoot down the people i hate today

    tomorrow i will shop

    this is what i love to do now

    i surround myself with distractions

    next is peterborough...
    Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...