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  • Serene 4: Panic Review

    The latest edition of serene #4 including 'lost & found' by three, two, one, go! has been reviewed in August's edition of 'Panic' magazine.

    Serene #4 is the last in the Serene series of compilation Eps, featuring lo-fi and post rock artists from around Essex, put out by small indie label Schizoacoustic.
    The sparse arrangement of Bobby Bullets' 94th is propelled by industrial rings, punctuated by the sound of distant artillery. The song has not just a feeling of despair, but even colder, the acceptance of despair.
    Crash Arcade's Fjords fades in, with quiet guitar and vocals like a robotic whispering Elliott Smith, the low but insistent beats gradually building into an increasingly dense layered sound. The quietly bleak atmosphere of the EP so far is putting me on a downer.
    Just when I want to quit my job, close the curtains and stay in bed forever, I'm hit with the chiming guitars of Lost & Found by Three, Two, One, Go! And I feel all right again. Better than all right. The suspense and build of this track made me feel like a kid on the night before his birthday.

    And what did I want for my birthday? Robot. Because Robot fights anyone. Robot has great technique, so Robot's gonna win. I know, because Frozen Robots told me. And they sound too nice to lie.

    Beans on Toast's gravel voiced Whatever Happened to the Rubik's Cube made me throw away my phone, DS and even my TV. But then Lloyd's piano led atmospheric Never Ever Felt Like This, with its pulsing synth and funereal march, made me realise I'd never get by on my own, so I had to run back outside and rescue my toys.
    Schizoacoustic tend to concentrate on digital distribution, with limited edition physical releases. You can find them at
    By Anne Bonny

    'Panic' is a free magazine that can be found in Bars/Clubs in & around Chelmsford, also keep an eye out for 'Panic' nights putting on some of the best bands in Chelmsford.
    hell yea! HELL YEA!