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what happened to all the old bands forums

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  • what happened to all the old bands forums

    Q: What happened to all the schizoacoustic & Braintree bands stuff/forum/etc.?

    A: Most of it is still here, it has been merged in to the new vBulletin Crash Arcade forum, hidden away in sub forums that you must be logged in to access.

    We saved as much as we felt necessary & removed a bunch of rather awkward stuff that no one will want being indexed by search engines anymore

    Just to reiterate what content we have kept hold of.

    The original...
    Crash Arcade XSorbit forum
    Beart Kerfew XSorbit forum
    schizoacoustic XSorbit forum
    Squidgy Pop ezboard forum
    Glue ezboard forum
    Seymore Happy ezboard forum as many of the consenting band's relevant Myspace & Facebook wall posts & blogs that we merged in to the schizoacoustic 2007 vBulletin forum, which after 8 years eventually returned full circle to become part of the Crash Arcade website once more.

    As we merged so many different forums in to one back in 2007 the user names & Ids, URLs & post Ids are all over the place, basically in order we salvaged them.