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  • Union Kid | Candy Falls Here

    Union Kid | Candy Falls Here

    release date: 21/08/2000
    label: 1970 Recordings


    Bright, primary images adorn the sleeve to the debut album from Braintree's Union Kid--a digital clock, an Atari Asteroids games cartridge, a stack of coloured pencils. Their music is similarly littered with obvious, but near irresistible, reference points--the buzzsaw, frantic riffing of early Dinosaur Jr (single "3% Seattle"), the 60s girl-group-laden harmonies of The Ramones (getaway single "Fort Disney"), any number of American power-pop groups. Got a problem with that? These three Essex lads don't care. They've another high-spirited song to race onto, another three-chord melody in the style of Ash or the underrated Symposium to sing brash harmonies over. There's nothing like a healthy dose of Essex rain to bring out the best in a band. --Everett True


    'Candy Falls Here', the debut (and only) album from Union Kid, fuses dirtier-than-compost guitars with angst-packed vocals to give you almost 60 minutes of the most abrasive lo-fi album you'll ever hear. from the lazily-distorted opener 'silence/effect' through to the closing instrumental 'You Were Always Gonna Leave Here', Union Kid display an incredible grasp of pop hooks and killer chord sequences. Moods swing from the lovelorn 'The Test', to the anger of 'Ground Zero', while the musical sounds range from the standard guitar fuzz to the fragile squeaky-clean sound of 'Quality Time', via several stop/start loud/quiet riffs. Whilst not every song will instantly hit you, after about 5 or 6 listens, there is some appeal in every song, whether it's the nod to the rock and roll lifestyles, or the sheer sarcasm evident in 'Trophy', and this will keep you coming back to this album.
    The major gripe is that their two best songs are both absent from here, namely "Here Comes The Chunk" and "Last of the Lo-Fi", but there are still 3 killer tunes on here which guarantee this as a worthy purchase.

    In short, if you love lo-fi-pop-rock-indie-punk (and let's face it, who doesn't), there's a chance that 'Candy Falls Here' will never leave your stereo.



    It would appear that I'm in good company as my thoughts seem to be shared by people such as Steve Lamacq, John Peel and most of the DJs on X-FM, these people realised the potential ages ago.
    It is a blessing that people still exist that can make energy-filled music that isn't loud and fast just to impress the kids!! There is a need for speed and Union Kid satisfies this need in ALL the right places. But the album is a rollercoaster of emotion willing and able to take care of you no matter what state you may be in. Able to slow it down just when you need some more gentle treatment and to tear it up when you need something to be the catalyst for all that energy that boils inside.

    Most bands have some slow numbers on their records but these usually degenerate into some tired adolescent angst with an accompaniment of mournful chords, however Union Kid manage to steer well clear of that trap and deliver real feeling with songs such as the incredible 'Quality Time'.

    It is not difficult to see that Union Kid have fears for the state that we are in at the moment, but they can offer you can survive ! In this day and age of manufactured pop it is vital that the world be made aware that there is another way, be brave take that step, grasp that hope, things are gonna be.....


    (Oh by the way, you gotta check out the new Triple A single)