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  • 21-07-00pm

    the drive home was hard

    took 6 hours

    got a call from jon to let us now we are single of the week in the mirror

    we are at a service station when the call comes in

    so we check out a copy

    but there is just shit about madonna and no union kid hype

    we start hitting stations all the way home

    no mention of us anywhere

    i guess we lucked out

    we call nik and he checks it out

    sure enough we got the single of the week in the mirror

    this is hard for me to understand

    it feels pretty bad for some reason

    this is why i'm fucked up

    later i get a call from stuart

    me we get to do another peel session

    now that is special

    it's gonna get mad busy again

    i can feel it

    i am really glad to know they like the album

    tomorrow is harlow

    we can be there in an hour

    that information shouldn't make me so happy

    i'm gonna look for a new guitar

    i want to be able to sleep

    i'm tired of watching people drift off

    watching the sun come up is beautiful

    but it's fucked up when you do it day in day out

    when you have no choice

    it reminds you that your still not right yet

    in fact your not even close

    stay gold

    the outsiders

    Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...