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    what a mess
    the studio looks like a bomb site
    there is so much stuff in here
    piles of equipment/amps/clothes/books/ everything
    i keep trying to start in on the mess
    but i just can't do it
    we did the session at the bbc
    it was a long day
    we did ok i think
    we learnt a cover which we had never done before
    the people at maida vale are way nice
    i had been up for 48 hours by the time we got home
    this seems to be happening much to often these days
    we got stopped by the police again
    the same old shit
    then they let you go
    the next day is a bust
    i am so tired
    i can't get anything done
    i need a new les paul
    mine has been so good to me
    years of being thrown around stages
    i took a look at it the other day
    and it has taken a beating to many
    i should grow out of this soon i guess
    guitar pedals rule
    not your stupid digital wimp out boxes
    but your big dumb sick box of wires stuff
    the bigger and more dials on them the better
    stupid names and colours also count for alot
    if your in a band and you got to play guitar
    try and find some original sounds
    i am doing an interiew with total guitar tomorrow
    i have no idea what to tell them
    i love playing the guitar
    but their are only a handfull of people i can stand to hear playing
    girls should play the guitar more
    it is such a boring thing in most boys hands
    don't ever play pointy guitars
    if that is all you can get then quit
    it's not for you
    amps are like a must
    don't buy a new one
    in fact never buy anything new
    old is where it's at
    get the biggest amp you and your friends can lift
    make others bands hurt with envy
    freak out venues
    bust limbs going up flights of stairs
    cram as many valves in it as you can
    and play very loud
    if you get dizzy and think your gonna die
    then your getting close
    it means...
    you are ready...
    Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...