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  • december99

    candy falls here
    i went through so many names
    i look at words till they meant nothing
    candy falls here was a late choice
    kinda came from nowhere
    and lodged itself in my mind
    the album took so long to make
    i thought it would take 6 weeks
    it took over 6 months
    it took over my life
    i started putting stuff down to tape in october
    we had a bunch of tracks that i knew i wanted to record
    i was making up more each day
    we had to stop and commit to some kind of plan
    we were ending up with a box set
    when i record things i fight alot
    things get really nasty within the band
    i start shouting and threatening everyone around me
    i they say i care about things to much
    i just wanna do the best i can
    this is a big thing for me
    this is my fucking album
    i don't wanna cuss down the band
    but whenever we record we have some issues to work out
    i hate recording
    it was all i wanted to do a while back
    but that was when there was no one to listen the songs at the end
    the days all melt into one another
    i have no idea of the time
    i have no idea of the date
    sometimes i forget to eat for a few days
    then wonder why i'm passing out
    sometimes i don't leave the studio for up to a week
    i live here
    i work here
    and it looks like i'm gonna die here
    heading to Christmas/new year
    i am so far behind
    a multi-track busted and i had to track down a new one before the holidays
    after 70 hours without sleep i tape over 2 songs we have done
    they took me weeks to do
    i wanna go back
    i wish i had never claimed that i could record these songs
    i don't know what i am doing anymore
    i spend my time awake in a state of panic
    i have no lyrics for most songs
    i don't know how most of the songs begin or end
    i just wanna sleep
    i hear bands saying they recorded their album in 10 days
    and i just wanna smack them
    i am taking care of everything
    a few times i fuck up and go to pull the plug
    wipe the machines clean and just walk away
    but i don't because that would let tony down
    6.35 Christmas morning
    i know that this is stupid
    i am alone and recording guitars feeding back
    i should be with people now
    but all i love are miles away
    i drive 200 miles later in the day
    just to get a piece of love
    i stay away from the studio for 2 days
    i sleep like never before
    i don't want to go back
    end of 20th century i've cut it down to 20 tracks
    i need to get it down to 14
    by the time i finish the album
    i will have recorded just under 2000 tracks of music
    500 of these were for the guitars
    when i listen back to a song
    i can hear maybe 2-3 tracks of guitar
    i am waiting my time
    i am not winning...
    Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...